Gulf Chamber

The entry point for Gulf Countries in to Africa

through Ghana


To be the most productive and influential Chamber of commerce in Ghana, providing strong leadership in attracting valuable investments to our members and advocating for an enabling environment working with industry champions, government and other stakeholders.


GGCCC will be the pivot around which Ghana will attract strategic local and foreign investments by focusing on our cardinal interest areas, in Partnerships , Leadership ,Excellence ,Global outlook, Secure investments, whiles leveraging the vehicles of people, strategic networks and national and international opportunities.


The main objective of Ghana Gulf Cooperation Chamber of Commerce (GGCCC) is to facilitate business relations between Ghana and the Gulf Countries. Success in this endeavor will be assured both by our stellar record of events and services and by our membership, which includes some of the most competitive businesses operating in Ghana today.

About GGCC

GGCC is a full purpose Business Chamber catering to developing potent business opportunities between Ghana and the countries of the Gulf, namely UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman and Bahrain.


GGCC Conferences

GGCC Conferences and summits allow businesses to keep up with current industry trends and cutting-edge technology, while promoting information-sharing, network development and discussion with leading industry experts.

GGCC Training

GGCC Training and workshops offer fulfilling courses across a broad range of industries. Catering for both individuals and teams, and run by industry professionals, our training events aim to develop people's skills and expertise so they can better meet their personal and corporate goals.

GGCC Exhibitions

GGCC Exhibitions and trade shows provide businesses with a platform to engage thousands of potential buyers, showcase innovation, share information and network with other industry players in Ghana, the Middle East and Emerging Markets.

GGCC Managed Events

GGCC Managed Events organises industry events, seminars, conferences and road shows from start to finish - from design, planning and development, to promotion, marketing and implementation. As a new business, we are keen to show what we can do. GGCC aims to be one of the best events management company in the region, and is passionate about providing businesses with events and training of the highest quality.

Who We Serve


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